I finished my second scarf, a giant, soft, squishy thing done in a muted rainbow yarn with gold metallic thread. The final length ended up being way longer than I thought two skeins would be. The scarf is taller than me! The yarn is Stellar by Red Heart, the color is called Infinity, and it was the first bouclé yarn I've worked with. Bouclé has some downsides. The needles would get caught frequently on threads in the yarn. Also, I had to start it three separate times with fewer stitches cast on each time, because the scarf would expand and become way wider than I expected based on the cast-on width.

Nevertheless, I loved knitting with the yarn, because the colors were gorgeous and interesting, and it felt so soft and warm. They have other colors of the same yarn - tempting.

I had a little yarn left over, so I knitted Niflheim a scarf as well!

Nifl's Scarf